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Getting the Best Process Server

kevinThere are good process servers and there are great process servers. Often it is the attention to details that separate the two from each other.  A process server is responsible for “serving” or delivering the summons and complaint to an individual of a legal issue relating to them, civil process. Civil process is not limited to court notices it includes any legal documents in need of being served including subpoenas.

Separating the Good from the Great

A good server will get the notice served in a timely manner. A great process server understands there are restrictions on when and where notices can be delivered. It is not allowable to serve civil process on any person while they are on their way to or from church or during a religious service. A great server knows they are not allowed to be within 500 feet of the property during that timeframe.

A good server knows the best form of delivery is civil process “in hand”. A great server knows that a summons is considered delivered when the papers are in a location subject to the defendants control and the defendant has been advised of the delivery.

A good server always turns in proof of delivery. A great process server ensures the spelling of all proper nouns are accurate and the handwriting is neat therefore legible. They also include photographic evidence of the delivery.

A good server provides all paperwork when civil process is impossible to complete. A great process server will include detailed information as to why the paper was unable to be delivered. They will include any photographic proof. They are aware it is required to make at least three attempts before concluding the assignment undeliverable.

When selecting a process server be sure to go for one that knows it’s all in the details!