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What is a Process Server?

legalA process server is basically the messenger for the legal system. They are the person who “notifies individuals of their right to due process of the law.” When a person is being “served” they are being notified that they are involved in a legal dispute. Process servers are essential to the justice system. Their job ensures that people involved in legal cases are able to prepare themselves for trial and are aware of all the charges against them.

What is the History of Process Servers?

There has always been someone to carry out the task of a process server, but there have not always been process servers! The task of a process server is to “serve” people with legal documents. Legal papers used to be served by the local county sheriff of the person being served. However, as cities expanded that became impossible. There were simply too many papers to be served and finally process servers were created to give relief to local sheriffs around the nation.

What All Does a Process Server Do?

While process servers were created to serve legal documents, that is not all they do. Process servers also file court papers and do document retrieval. After a process server serves legal documents, they are also required to deliver evidence that the papers have been served. In order to get evidence that the papers have been served, the process server must have an affidavit of service notarized by the person they served the papers to.

Who Hires Process Servers?

Process servers are typically hired by attorney services. This is because process servers provide services that are necessary to attorneys. From filing court papers, servicing papers and document retrieval, these are all important mechanisms in the wheels of justice. Process servers fill a niche job that is simply necessary for the legal system to work properly and fairly.