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Why it is Important to NEVER Avoid a Process Server

If you’ve been named as a defendant in a civil case, issued a subpoena, or had some type of writ issued against you, you may be thinking about skipping out on the process server to evade the issue. This could be one of the worst decisions that you could make. Avoiding a process server will not make the issue go away, yet it may add additional charges to your case that you will most likely end up being ordered to pay.

What if the Process Server Never Finds Me?

Even if the process server never finds you physically, they may be permitted to serve you via an alternative method by substitution or publication. If a judge grants this request, you will be considered served once the conditions of the alternative service have been met.

By taking it a step further and refusing to show up in court after being served, including an alternative service, may result in paying higher fines and possibly a jail sentence.

The Dire Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

By dodging the process server, it may result in: 

  • Increased court and attorney fees
  • Multiple process service fees
  • More time in court
  • Possible default judgment for the plaintiff
  • Being charged and convicted with contempt of court
  • Damaging your professional and personal reputation

Avoiding the Process Server Just Isn’t Worth It

If you’re thinking about avoiding the process server — don’t do it! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to evade our team of process serving experts for long! At Accurate Serve®, we’re proud of our high success rate in locating and serving even the most evasive of process recipients. If you’re in the Detroit area and have an Accurate Serve® process server looking for you, it’s only a matter of time before we find you.