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How Long Does a Process Server Have to Serve Papers

Once you have filed your civil lawsuit in Detroit, the clock starts ticking to get the case process served. Only once the process is served can the case move forward, so getting it done as quickly as possible is always the best policy. But exactly how long do you have to get a case’s process served in Michigan?

Timeline to Serve Process in Michigan

According to Michigan’s laws of Civil Procedure, a hearing date must be at least 15 days, but not more than 45 days, after the date the case was filed. This gives the defendants and witnesses ample time to prepare for the first appearance. If seven or fewer days are left before the hearing date and the process has still not been served, the plaintiff may request a new hearing date from the clerk of court. This new hearing date will be at least 15 days, but not more than 30 days, from the date that the new hearing date was granted.

If the defendant is still not served with seven or fewer days to go before the new hearing date, either party can request a continuance of the hearing date for no less than seven days.

What Happens if the Defendant Cannot Be Served?

Each state has its own procedures for granting alternative service in cases where defendants cannot be found. In most cases, the process server can request service by substitution or publication. Once the terms of these types of services are met, the defendant is considered served and the case can proceed.

Quality Process Servers in Michigan

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