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The Process of Evicting a Tenant

evictionsOne of the most difficult and frustrating issues that landlords must contend with is eviction. When tenants do not pay their rent or are not living up to the terms of their lease agreement, the landlord has the right to evict them from the premises. The correct steps for eviction must be followed according to law. There are a number of steps to be taken before hiring a process server to deliver the final eviction notice.

Step 1: The Written 3-Day Notice

The landlord, or other authorized person doing the eviction, begins the process by writing a 3-Day Notice which includes only business days that are not legal holidays or the day of service. The notice may be mailed, hand delivered, or posted on the tenant’s door. Continue reading

What is a Process Server?

legalA process server is basically the messenger for the legal system. They are the person who “notifies individuals of their right to due process of the law.” When a person is being “served” they are being notified that they are involved in a legal dispute. Process servers are essential to the justice system. Their job ensures that people involved in legal cases are able to prepare themselves for trial and are aware of all the charges against them.

What is the History of Process Servers?

There has always been someone to carry out the task of a process server, but there have not always been process servers! The task of a process server is to “serve” people with legal documents. Continue reading

What is Service of Process?

process serverService of Process might sound like confusing legal jargon, but it is actually fairly straightforward. Service of Process is the procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives a notice of initial legal action to another party. While this other party is typically the defendant, they can also be the court or another administrative body. Service of Process is an effort to exercise jurisdiction over the other party to enable that party to respond to a proceeding before the court.

Where You Might Have Heard It Before!

Service of Process is not something everyone is familiar with, at least not when calling it by its official name! However, anyone who has ever seen a cop drama is probably familiar with Service of Process without even knowing it. Continue reading

Handling Difficult Respondents

troubleBeing a process server is a very important occupation to hold. The judicial system relies on you to help ensure everyone receives due process. Working as a process server you must have a professional mindset, play close attention to detail and adhere to the rules and regulations is an absolute must. Even the best of the best servers will encounter difficulties. How the situation is handled separates the amateurs from the professionals. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when confronted with a problematic defendant.  Continue reading

Getting the Best Process Server

kevinThere are good process servers and there are great process servers. Often it is the attention to details that separate the two from each other.  A process server is responsible for “serving” or delivering the summons and complaint to an individual of a legal issue relating to them, civil process. Civil process is not limited to court notices it includes any legal documents in need of being served including subpoenas.

Separating the Good from the Great

A good server will get the notice served in a timely manner. A great process server understands there are restrictions on when and where notices can be delivered. It is not allowable to serve civil process on any person while they are on their way to or from church or during a religious service. A great server knows they are not allowed to be within 500 feet of the property during that timeframe. Continue reading

How Process Servers Help Legal Professionals

process server2The legal profession relies on process servers for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the guarantee of delivery of legal documents, however, a process server much more to offer.

Reduce Expenses

They can reduce expenses. Process servers have a reputation for helping firms of all sizes save money. The firm will lower gasoline and fuel expenses by not using a company or personal vehicle.. Continue reading

Tips for Finding Reputable Process Servers

law officeProcess servers can make life easier for the legal profession, if chosen correctly. Choosing the wrong one can result in disaster. It is important to make the right choice for you that will you will feel completely at ease with.

Get a Free Consultation

Many process serving firms offer a free consultation as a way for both parties to understand what the other has to offer. Trust your intuition at these meetings. Make a list of pertinent questions and feel free to ask them during the meeting. A solid relationship between law firm and process server is vital to the entire process. Only choose a company that puts you at ease. Continue reading

Do I Need a Process Server?

Process servers, in general, are responsible for delivering legal documents to those who are involved in legal proceedings. These legal documents could be court summons, divorce papers, or any other important pieces of information.

Some people think, however, that they can save time and money by delivering any documents themselves. However, if you are involved in any sort of legal proceeding that requires a delivery of legal documents, you should always seek the help of a professional process server. Here is why. Continue reading

Process Server Basics

Many people have heard of the term “process server.” Maybe you have heard it in the movies, maybe in a crime TV show, or maybe just in passing. Often, when people think of process serving, they think about the cliché “you’ve been served,” a line that we all know from popular culture. However, a process server is much more than that. If you read on, you will learn the process server basics and have a better understanding of this very important legal job, beyond what Hollywood tells us. Continue reading

Slow to Serve Electronically, While the Nation Goes Digital

The rapidly advancing technological world is outpacing the U.S. judicial system when you consider service of process. In June of 2012, a New York court denied the request of Chase Bank to locate and serve someone responsible for credit card fraud. The denial seems to stem from a mistrust of the social networking forum, and not necessarily from a logical standpoint.

Continue reading